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Jun. 25th, 2020 09:48 pm
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Name: Catherine Ada “Kate” Kelly
Canon: Kate Kelly, by the Whitlams (fleshed out by Australian Folklore)
Scrubs Color: Red
House No.: N/A - Inn Lodgings
Inventory: HERE

Visible Age: Late teens, early twenties [actual age is 20]
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Physique: Slender
Complexion: Pale
Hygiene: “We might not have two shillings to rub together, but by God you're going to look neat and well turned out” school of Victorian cleanliness.
Hair: Brown, long, curly
Eyes: Dark, hazel
Defining Marks: Dark circles under her eyes. As of 20th August, wears a small handmade cross around her neck (wood and cloth cord tying it together). Unless otherwise mentioned, Kate wears a petticoat and a skirt (either blue or brown), with either white blouse or the red scrubs-shirt over a corset. The corset pulls her narrow waist in.

Accent/Speech: Irish-Australian, old-fashioned but mix of formal and slang
Bearing/Demeanor: Straight-back, mouth closed and dark eyes saying what her tongue doesn't. A sharp temper, but bright, engaging and captivating in company.
Gait: Light, a little quick. Like she's impatient with life and wants to run wild. Sometimes, she limps - particularly in cold weather, air pressure changes, or after over-exerting herself on her bad ankle.
Habits: Says a grace before each meal and prays before bed. Sits carefully, and only lets her back touch the back of the chair if she remembers - otherwise, she tends to perch in the middle. Sings while she works.
Skills: Expert horsewoman, sharpshooter and tracker. Wilderness survival. Rural Victorian-era housekeeping (including farming, cooking, making clothes, etc.) Resourceful, tough, driven. Able to evade police for years. Persuasive.

Personality )

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1 x New Hampshire rooster "Tomdicken Harry" [ x ]

1 x Frizzle chicken "Frances" [ x ]

1 x Araucana chicken "Dowager" [ x ]

1 x Wyandotte chicken "Folly" [ x ]

1 x Sussex chicken "Brulay" [ x ]

1 x ISA Brown chicken "Creme" [ x ]

1 x Rhode Island Red chicken "Apples" [ x ]
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Setting: Medietas because why not
Who: 19 year old relative of Australian outlaws circa 1882, former Wild West show star
How: Select your option!

Option 1: Mundus - outside
The forests here are nothing like the bush of north-eastern Victoria. Greener. Different sounds, different scents. Different colours. But it's still outside and that's where Kate's always been happiest. She hikes. She teaches herself how to track in this terrain, how to melt into the trees and creep up on game. Deer instead of kangaroos, but the principle is the same.

It's also no surprise that she has a job as a stable-and-farmhand at Arabella Pastures. The horses are beautiful, and the jumps are brilliant. It's just a shame that she doesn't have the money to buy one, or the freedom to steel. Instead, she looks after them lovingly, and most of the time, that's where she can be found.

Option 2: Pub
It's not every night. It's not even most nights. Once a week, all right? Once a week, she is allowed to go into a pub and drink. She'll wear something stylish, brush her hair, flirt with the charming men and the not so charming. She'll have her drinks paid for on the occasions where she doesn't cover the entire pub's tab, and she'll laugh and she'll drink and maybe, maybe, she'll forget.

She's much more gregarious drunk, and talkative. She has that common with her older brother Ned, too.

Option 3: Wild card!


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